¡Se han robado mi patria!

¡Se han robado mi patria! ¿Dónde está aquella patria mía que una vez fue solidaria, que al pobre su mano extendía y ahora permanece callada, ignorando que las vidas lloran una canción desesperada? Te han robado, patria mía, como desierto quedaste desolada. Ya no eres la tierra en que vivía, la que quiso darme una … Sigue leyendo ¡Se han robado mi patria!

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La máquina del tiempo

Parece que el tiempo se detiene cuando hablas conmigo. Se vuelve un rinconcito donde somos un abrigo, un lienzo y un tejido… Nuestro árbol rejuvenece y reverdece. Hablar contigo es una máquina del tiempo que conserva la armonía entre dos distintos universos, uniendo sus galaxias, soles y planetas con el hilo que se mezcla entre … Sigue leyendo La máquina del tiempo

When the guitar began to swim

When the guitar began to swim In the universe dreams Beyond the words and music, My mind went to a letter's river Forgetting the space and time.   I could see how the words Were breaking the chains And joining the humans as a family in the world.   But the guitar wanted to sing … Sigue leyendo When the guitar began to swim


Dear love, the year is gone and now it's a remember that together we seeded in the land, expecting the new rise of the nine apple stars.   But this love is a wonderful big tree and its shadow a sweet delightful fruit that refreshes our present, painting in our eyes our hands together, meanwhile … Sigue leyendo Together

Countdown to love

The winter freezes all that it can touch before the sun erases it.   Cold whispers sound bringing the music once was lost when the day ended its countdown.   Now, it's the time to remember the secrets stored in the lips, while the countdown begins.   If you watch the inner clock, you will … Sigue leyendo Countdown to love

It can fly

Because the love is faithful, Because the love is graceful It can fly. As a dove looks for the sun, Little pom, it can fly. Love is a light in the winter darkness. It brings the melody for melting The painful snow With a big explosion of gladness, Helping someone to fly. When the heart … Sigue leyendo It can fly